Background Checks

The facts are clear. An alarming number of resumes and employment applications contain false and misleading information. Background checks, pre-employment screening and employee screening are vital to protecting your company and your employees.

Altered dates, false claims, inflated salaries, inflated titles and responsibilities, false or incomplete prior employment history, false separation reasons and undisclosed criminal histories are some of the most frequently encountered problems on resumes. More disturbing is the number of unqualified applicants who have secured false credentials to get a job.

As an employer or human resources professional, you already know how much damage a bad hire can cause and how difficult it is to get rid of them. Accordingly, it only makes sense to hire the right people and avoid business disruptions, inappropriate behavior, endangering co-workers, liability, litigation, theft & fraud by employing a quality employee-screening agency.

At ISG, a private investigator will personally conduct your employee screening background and provide you with updated records. We also review and question the findings at every step and provide you with our expert opinion on what we find.

If they lie to get the job, how good of an employee would they make?

What can using ISG do for your company?

Lower Employee Turnover

Provide a Safer Work Environment

Lower Unemployment and Worker's Compensation Costs

Increase Employee Productivity

Reduce Absenteeism

Reduce the Risk of Employee Negligence, Theft and Fraud

As licensed private investigators, we offer complete pre-employment screening and current employee screening, ranging from a basic overview to a comprehensive background investigation.  All of our background check and pre-employment screening services are customized to meet your needs.

Nanny Background

Parents should consult experts when hiring a Nanny.  Investigators with the Investigative Support Group (ISG) will assist a parent in the hiring process.  Investigators will provide the parent with a detailed nanny questionnaire, complete an extensive background investigation, and, if necessary, help with the installation of nanny cams in the house.

Many resumes may contain lies or half-truths, or omit a fact that could be key to your child’s well being, as well as the safety of your home and assets.   How do you check the facts? Typically through a background check.  A nanny background investigation should include the following:

Residential History. Does this person have roots in the area, and local referrals that can vouch for them? Are there large amounts of time spend elsewhere?

Criminal History including Federal, State and County records.

Are they Sex Offenders or Sex Predators? Receiving a call from a Probation Officers on a nanny you recently hired, and was unaware of their past transgressions, can leave you in an uncomfortable, and costly position.

Drivers License History. With a report detailing traffic violations and accidents, you will know if an applicant can be trusted traveling with your child.

Social Security Number Validation. A fake can easily be identified - date and state issued, and in many cases, using the Social Security number of a deceased or previous child cared for.

Liens and Judgments. Outstanding liens and judgments can provide a snapshot on one's accountability. If they can't manage their own life, can they help with yours?

Professional licenses including State child care certifications.

Miscellaneous back story. Research through relevant media sources can detail past dealings that were below the radar.

Employment and education verifications

Tenant Screening

With the economic challenges of today, it is more important than ever that Real Estate Management companies be able to qualify perspective tenants to a depth not previously required. The facts are clear. An alarming number of applicants contain false and misleading information, or omit key details. Tenant Screening can help better qualify applicants, decreasing the number of companies that could/would be delinquent or in default of their leasing agreements.

With better tenants you can realize additional revenue in a number of ways:

Decreasing the number of delinquent tenants

Increased time to focus on marketing unoccupied properties

A basic Tenant Screening can provide a current snapshot of an applicant. But without a thorough vetting process, many things can be overlooked:

Nationwide eviction statistics

Previous failed businesses

Issues at a Federal level

Operating history in other geographies

Agents or Officers operating under an alias

Asset Investigations

Uncover Assets, Improve Your Bottom Line

With a volatile marketplace wreaking havoc on businesses large and small, many companies readily accept the fact that as a business partner fails the revenue they generate (sales, leasing, services) disappears along with it.

This is not the case. By conducting an asset investigation, an inventory of property and goods can be determined, and in many cases, a significant portion of monies due can be recovered through a variety of existing assets.

An ISG private investigator can dig beyond the individual or corporate entity, uncovering property, vehicles and inventory that might otherwise go undetected in a basic asset search, and allow you to offset losses due to contract default.

With ISG’s experience, an asset search will detail, related companies, corporate agents, and possible alias identifications, providing a true picture of ALL existing assets.

What can an ISG Asset Investigation provide for your company?

A comprehensive listing of companies and individuals involved in your case:

Corporate Entities

Corporate Officers

Registered Agents

Alias or Alternate Indentifications


A comprehensive listing of debtor's potential assets, as well as any existing claims:


Unclaimed Property

Vehicles (Automobile, Watercraft, Aircraft)



Liens and Judgments


Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Filings

Other litigation (Federal, State, Local)

Don’t walk away from money you’re due. An ISG asset investigation can improve your bottom line!


Jury Member Profiles

It has been said that choosing the right jury is the most important part of trying a case. But how much do you really know about your juror pool? Investigative Support Group, Inc. can provide your legal team with the advantage it needs, with Jury Member Profiles. The profiles are created by utilizing our vast resources: local, regional, and national databases, as well as ISG’s vast network of proprietary contacts and sources. This provides a thorough and factual "portrait" of each juror. This information can help your legal team make the right choice in the jury selection process, or could actually be used to determine whether a juror or potential juror was honest during the jury selection process. Whether you have just 1 or as many as 400 potential jurors, ISG can provide the information in a timely manner, with data faxed, emailed or hand-delivered for your review. Wherever your case is being heard and whether it involves criminal prosecution or defense, commercial litigation, personal injury, product liability, or any other legal matter, ISG can profile your jury panel to ensure the most suitable jury for your case. The Jury Member Profiles provided by ISG can be tailored to meet your specific needs and takes the guesswork out of examining jurors by providing factual information on areas including:

Accident Reports

Civil Records (Juror and/or Family)

Corporation Filings

Neighborhood Profile

Professional Licenses

Property Ownership

Criminal Records

Traffic Records

Hunting and Firearm Licenses

Vehicle Registration, Ownership, and Lien Holder

Liens and Judgments

Voter Registration and Party Affiliation

Marriage Records